Scope Folded Dipole Outdoor Antenna


Our half-wave external folded dipole outdoor antenna is suitable for very large sites, or where exceptionally difficult conditions exist.

This antenna requires a pole or wall bracket and feeder cable.

Please Note:

Our on-site transmitters operate on UHF frequencies which incur high power losses in the antenna feeder cable. If you decide to use your own cable, please ensure you use quality 50 OHM coaxial cable. RG58 is only acceptable on cable runs of up to 5 metres. We recommend RG213, or better, on greater lengths up to about 15 metres. Longer runs should be avoided if possible. Use only high quality solder-fit connectors.

Compatible On-site Paging Systems

Connexions CX5 Mains Powered
Connexions CX5 12VDC Battery Powered
Connexions CX6 Mains Powered
Connexions CX6 12VDC Battery Powered
DataPage Lite
PageTek 4 Mains Powered
PageTek 4 12VDC Battery Powered
PageTek 4 24VDC Battery Powered