Scope PageTek 4 - 12VDC Battery Powered


The Scope PageTek 4 is an exceptionally flexible 5-zone or 10-zone UHF POCSAG transmitter, which will automatically send messages direct to radio pagers and signal to fixed receivers, when activated.

It is designed for voltage or volt-free inputs and can be programmed to send data or text messages direct to pagers. Each message can be free formed and can support a message for each change of state. Programmable functions allow for adjustable trigger delay times, repeats and interactive states between inputs. Programming is via a PC via USB with the optional programming kit.

A standard quarter wave antenna will provide more than adequate performance for most industrial sites and buildings well in excess of 100,000 sq ft or a free radiated range of up to a mile. Performance can be improved with a centre fed half wave dipole antenna, mounted either inside or outside the building at a more elevated height (see 'Compatible Dipole Antennas' below).

Ideal For...

  • Security and Fire paging
  • Property Protection
  • Access Control Monitoring
  • Paging from Nursecall Systems


  • Fully programmable zoned input UHF transmitter
  • 5-zone or 10-zone versions available
  • All inputs configurable as dry contact or voltage input
  • 12VDC battery powered
  • Ranges of up to 1 mile with standard 1/4 wave antenna

Plug & Play Configuration

The Scope PageTek 4 can be used with on-site pagers (see below) in a simple versatile plug-and-play configuration straight out of the box.

In this configuration, the Scope PageTek 4 transmits a signal directly to pagers (individually or in selected groups) and is effective within a range of up to a mile.

Compatible On-Site Pagers

GEO 28
GEO 40

Compatible Dipole Antennas

Mini Dipole Indoor Antenna
Folded Dipole Outdoor Antenna

Fact Sheet

To view or download a fact sheet for the Scope PageTek 4 (in PDF format) click on the link below:

 PageTek 4