Scope Wave-Track 4 Mains Powered


The Scope Wave-Track 4 has been designed to be simple but practical for many applications where members of staff need to be alerted.

With four button flexibility each button can be designed to send a different twenty one character message to a pager or receiver. The keypad is a membrane with a wipe clean surface which can be written on with a marker pen if required.

Multiple units can be used on a site, each sending its own unique identifier with text message to the receiving devices. These could be pagers, fixed receivers or a combination of both.

This unique box is capable of sending a signal to receiving devices up to 200m away perhaps further depending on site conditions. It can also be used in conjunction with an advanced on-site paging system (see "Bespoke Configuration" below).

The unit can be hand held or wall mounted with the supplied clip in bracket.

Typical Applications

  • Waiter/Butler/Porter Call
  • Hotel/Office Receptions
  • Retail Shops
  • Medical/Veterinary Practices
  • Opticians
  • Horticultural/Garden Centres
  • DIY Stores/Warehouses
  • Interview Rooms
  • Automotive Parts Desk
  • Sports Centres/Bowling Alleys
  • Banks
  • Vending Kiosks
  • Customer Changing Rooms
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Outdoor Catering Functions


  • Rugged Case
  • Wipe Clean Keypad
  • Portable or Fixed
  • Wall Mount Bracket Included
  • Flexible configuration
  • Re-Legendable Buttons
  • 10mw output power
  • Plug-and-Play Configuration
  • Plug-top PSU

Plug & Play Configuration

The Scope Wave-Track 4 can be used with compatible on-site pagers (listed below) in a simple versatile plug-and-play configuration - one Button to one or many pagers or one or many Wave Tracks to a single pager.

Bespoke Configuration

The Scope Wave-Track 4 can also form part of a sophisticated integrated system by transmitting to fixed multi-zone receivers or used in conjunction with our Connexions advanced On-Site paging system.

These systems can be configured to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us and we'll be pleased to discuss the options available.

Compatible On-Site Pagers

GEO 28
GEO 40

Fact Sheet

To view or download a fact sheet for the Scope Wave Track 4 (in PDF format) click on the link below:

 Wave-Track 4