Smart Number (£17.50 per month)


Smart Number

The Smart Number service allows you to control which devices receive your mobile messages. Your Smart Number settings can be managed via a secure web-based account, allowing you full control 24 hours a day. The account allows you to change any of  your devices at any time and any changes you make are reflected in the service in real-time. Callers to your Smart Number will be greeted with a Personalised Greeting prior to being put through to an Operator.

Flexible Mobile Messaging

We will allocate you a unique Smart Number meaning any messages received for your Smart Number can be distributed to any combination of mobile/landline and e-mail addresses.

Messages routed through the Smart Number, be it messages sent via the Call Centre or through the web link on our web site will be subject to the settings you have selected, allowing for greater flexibility.

Multiple Distribution Across Mobile/Landline and Email

Get mobile messages delivered to multiple devices - mobile/landline and email giving you the flexibility to answer in the most suitable format at any one time and increasing the likelihood of a rapid response.