Choosing an On-Site System

This guide has been designed to help you decide which type of on-site paging system best suits your needs.

Plug-and-play on-site systems

Most of our on-site paging systems can be used with compatible on-site pagers in a simple, versatile plug-and-play configuration.

In this configuration, the on-site paging transmitter sends a signal directly to pagers. Depending upon the on-site system chosen, the signal can range from a simple pre-programmed alert (audio or vibrate) to a multi-character alphanumeric message.

Bespoke on-site systems

Some of our on-site paging systems can be integrated with third party equipment, via specific or universal interfaces. This enables interconnection with PABX telephone systems, standalone or networked PCs, Nursecall systems, security, fire and building management systems, as well as process control apparatus (e.g. temperature and flow rate monitoring).

These systems can be configured to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us and we'll be pleased to discuss the options available.


In most cases, in order to operate on-site paging equipment in the UK, users are required by Law to obtain a Private Business Radio Licence from OFCOM.

Where such a licence is required, we clearly specify this on the relative product page and provide a link to a PDF fact sheet detailing these requirements.

For more detailed information about any of the subjects covered above, please feel free to contact us.