Scope DataPage Lite


The Scope DataPage Lite is a low-cost, compact and stylish desktop numeric on-site paging system.

The unit is equipped with a 2 line backlit display, featuring user friendly prompts to guide users through the system. It can be programmed and customised via it's keyboard and can accommodate up to 9999 pager identities without expansion or modification.

Ranges of half mile plus are possible with basic antenna shown. Performance can be improved with a centre fed half wave dipole antenna, mounted either inside or outside the building at a more elevated height (see 'Compatible Dipole Antennas' below).

Ideal For...

  • Nurseries/Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and office reception desks
  • Crèche paging
  • Event/Hospitality management


  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Plug & Play User Friendly system with Backlit 2 line LCD screen and fast travel data entry keypad
  • Compact and stylish desktop unit, footprint: 198(w) x 188(D) x 43(H)
  • Accepts up to 9,999 pagers without expansion
  • Fast, simple operation
  • Fully RoHS compliant

Plug & Play Configuration

The Scope DataPage Lite can be used with on-site pagers (see below) in a simple versatile plug-and-play configuration.

In this configuration, the Scope DataPage Lite transmits a signal directly to pagers (individually or in selected groups) and is effective within a range of up to half a mile.

Compatible On-Site Pagers

GEO 28

Compatible Dipole Antennas

Mini Dipole Indoor Antenna
Folded Dipole Outdoor Antenna

Fact Sheet

To view or download a fact sheet for the Scope DataPage Lite (in PDF format) click on the link below:

 DataPage Lite