Scope Connexions CX5 (2 Watt) - 12VDC Battery Powered


The Scope Connexions System provides the latest in on-site paging technology at a realistic price. Its modular design concept allows expansion as needs change, keeping the initial outlay to a minimum.

The basic Scope Connexions CX5 12VDC powered unit has two RS232 ports and eight dry contact inputs, which enables the system to be hard wired to anything from an alarm control panel to a front door bell to alert prescribed users in the event that required criteria occur. All Connexions systems are supplied configured with default settings and are able to support up to 4 digit pager numbers as standard (9999), so expansion is already built in.

The transmitter is designed to work at UHF frequencies which give an incredibly high degree of reliability in terms of the signalling success within a commercial environment, whilst using very small and unobtrusive aerials. It uses the same international standard digital signalling system (POCSAG) deployed by most wide area paging companies. This is accepted to be amongst the most sophisticated and reliable in the world.

Telephone Connection

The Scope Connexions CX5 can be interfaced to almost any business telephone system*. Operation is very simple; just pick up the handset, key in the paging system extension number and follow the voice prompts. Numeric pager messages can be entered directly using the telephone keypad. It is also possible to send pre-configured text messages when using alphanumeric pagers, which can be programmed by the installer using PC utility software.

* When fitted with optional telephone interface. Requires 2 wire analogue extension port and DTMF tone signalling.

Paging from a PC

You can connect your paging system directly to a personal computer with the aid of Scope Connex Page, our professional Windows™ based software package. Scope Connex Page allows paging in both numeric and alphanumeric formats, with other enhanced features such as the ability to store unlimited pre-programmed messages, coupled with automatic diary scheduling functions to remind personnel about meetings, appointments and duties. These can be programmed hours, days, weeks, even months in advance.

The Scope Connex Page software package can be installed right across your network and can access multiple Connexions transmitters linked to your LAN or VPN via (optional) Ethernet interfaces. This means that if you have multiple sites on your network, you can page from a PC in say, your London office to a pager in your Birmingham office.

Alarm and Switch Connection

There are eight on-board dry-contact ‘alarm’ inputs, which can be factory programmed to your specification or can be user programmed using PC software.

Interfacing to third party equipment

The Scope Connexions CX5 has been designed to be connected to a wide variety of devices to enable automatic messages to be sent to individuals or groups of people when their attention is required. This often requires the transmitter to be interfaced to other manufacturer’s host equipment, which in most cases was never intended to control a radio paging system. To overcome this difficulty, Scope has designed transmitter software to facilitate data capture from a wide range of other manufacturer’s equipment. This enables interconnection with Nurse Call systems, Security, Fire and building management systems, as well as process control apparatus (e.g. temperature and flow rate monitoring). Data can be processed in a wide variety of formats, and we will be more than happy to advise on specific applications.


The Scope Connexions CX5 uses the latest surface mount components to deliver fast, reliable operation and is supplied with a 2 watt high quality transmitter module for rock solid RF performance. The standard quarter wave aerial (approx. 17 cm tall) will provide more than adequate range for most buildings well in excess of 9,000 sq metres. For larger sites performance can be further improved by using a centre fed half wave dipole antenna mounted either inside, or outside the building at a more elevated height (see 'Compatible Dipole Antennas' below). Transponding repeater units are also available to aid coverage of very large or ‘difficult’ sites (subject to licensing conditions).

Special Requirements

All Scope Connexions systems can be configured to suit your specific requirements.

Please contact us and we'll be pleased to discuss the options available..


    • Benchmark UHF radio paging system
    • Available with two or three serial ports
    • Eight on-board volt free trigger contacts
    • Optional telephone interface
    • Optional Ethernet card
    • Can be driven by a PC, either standalone or via a network
    • Optional protocol conversion software allows connection to almost any fire, security or nursecall panel
    • Ranges of up to 2 kilometres with 1/4 wave antenna

    Compatible On-Site Pagers

    GEO 28
    GEO 40
    GEO 87Z
    GEO 86Z AA

    Compatible Dipole Antennas

    Mini Dipole Indoor Antenna
    Folded Dipole Outdoor Antenna

    Compatible Software

    Connex Page Software
    Connex Page Software - Additional Licences

    Fact Sheet

    To view or download a fact sheet for the Scope Connexions sytem (in PDF format) click on the link below: