UniMAX Alert & Ring Tone Amplifier


The UniMAX Alert and Ring Tone Amplifier is suitable for pagers and mobile phones.

With a maximum 100dB volume, you'll never miss an important message or call!


UniMAX will definitely get your attention. No more worries about missing calls whether you are sleeping or far away from your pager or mobile phone or in a high noise environment.

Escalating Alert

Although the UniMAX will provide a very loud alert tone it does it in escalating steps. Starting at low volumn, it increments to the loudest setting after 30 seconds allowing the user plenty of time to reset it.

Works with Most Wireless Devices

UniMAX will work with most pagers and mobile telephones.

Visual Indications

A large red LED flashes on Reset Button when a call is received that will easily catch the user’s attention. There is also a smaller flashing green LED which indicates the UniMAX is active and the battery is okay.

Selectable Alert Tone

Simply choose your favourite from a selection of ten (10) different tones. When alerting, the UniMAX slowly increases the alert volume allowing the User to reset it before it reaches maximum volume.

Rotate Protection on Volume Control Knob

The volume knob has distinct indent settings that will keep the volume control from mistakenly being changed.

Variety of Power Sources

UniMAX is not only powered by an accessorised AC adapter, you can also choose AA Alkaline batteries just in case there is a power cut or if the UniMAX is required in an area without mains power

Very Low Power Consumption

The UniMAX will operate for more than 20 days on AA batteries in the absence of AC Power.


The UniMAX has been built has been built to exacting long term reliability testing standards. It has passed accelerated life testing that simulates 10 years of in field use.


  • Alert Tone: SPLMax. >100 dB @ 30cm, Min. >70 dB @ 30 cm (Volume control on minimum)
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to +50C
  • Operating Humidity: < 85%
  • Storage Temperature: -20C to +85C
  • Powered by: Standard Battery AA Alkaline Battery x 3
  • Powered by: Rechargeable Battery Pack (Ni-MH 62U x 3)
  • Dimensions: W 9.6cm x H 7.8cm x D 5.1cm
  • Weight: 120 gram (Not including battery)
  • AC Plug Type: UK