Critical Messaging – from Reality to the Future October 19, 2021 14:13

Second partial conference in October 2021, Topic Industry

The board of the Critical Messaging Association has decided on a series of half-day conferences on the specific issues of professional security related communication.

On 28th October at 1pm CET the second exiting event #CMASummit21 will take place as a virtual meeting, too. This time the focus will be on critical messaging in industry.

The event will focus on the areas of safe and secure information, co- ordination and alerting in industry. We have gathered experts from different countries and perspectives providing experience and innovation to discuss and analyse the topics mentioned.

Topics such as data protection, prevention of blackouts, switching of power distribution networks and the development of suitable devices and solutions will also be discussed.

Everyone who is interested in these themes is invited to participate in this conference.

For participation it is now possible to register on the CMA homepage via Please find all further information like the agenda with speakers and lecture titles on our homepage

The first event with the topic of Public Safety had taken place on May 18, 2021. Experts, CMA members, and leaders in safety communica- tions from member countries, i.e., the U.S., Europe, and Australia, as well as high-level speakers from academia and industry, presented on public safety from their perspectives. It was a very successful and interesting event.

About the Critical Messaging Association:
The Critical Messaging Association (CMA) is the industry association for companies dedicated to the wireless delivery of time-sensitive, critical messages in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Our members include network operators, manufacturers and other organisations whose common goal is to deliver reliable, - among others - point-to- multipoint simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions and other support for critical and non-critical communications.

Abbreviation for Narrowband Point-to-Multipoint. Terminology from the ETSI and CEPT document (see also the CMA Services homepage NP2M-Incarnation is paging.

Members of the Board:
Dr. Dietmar Gollnick,
Chairman (Germany, e*Message W.I.S)
Linda Cox (UK, Pagers Direct)
Jim Nelson (USA, Prism-IPX Systems)
Kirk Alland (USA, Prism-IPX Systems)
Angelo Saccoccia (Switzerland, TC Promotion)                                                   
David Villacastin (France, TPL Systemes)
Ron Wray (UK, Multitone)                                                                                
Jurgen Poels (Belgium, ASTRID)

Gabriele Deska
Tel: +49 30 4171-1511

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